To become a participant in the Day One Program an individual must:

1.     Be a single Parent

2.     Have a child 2 years of age or younger.

3.     Have no more than 2 children.

4.     Have no current drug or alcohol addiction issues.

5.     Be willing to be drug tested.

6.     Be willing to attend 3 hour Saturday education classes 36 weeks a year.

7.     Be willing to meet one on one with your Day One Coach for a minimum of one hour per week.

8.     Agree to only place your child in an approved daycare if your child is in daycare.

9.     Create a carreer/education plan that you will be held accountable to be making progress on as a condition of remaining in the program.

10. Get Day One approval before taking on any debt while in the program.

Any Parent interested in attending Day  One programming may apply and if accepted begin at the start of the next 12 week session. (The 36 weeks of yearly programming are divided into three 12 week sessions.)

Particpants are only eligible for housing once they have complete a 12 week cycle of programming or the equivalent thereof.

Housing is not guaranteed after the completion of 12 weeks of programming. Day One will be totally transparent about the amount of upcoming housing available prior to an individual starting any programming. Day One will keep particpants apprised of any changes in the upcoming housing status.

Anyone interested in learning more should contact Muzz Meyers by email at: